Why Intacct is a Perfect Fit for Professional Service Organizations

Posted on: September 29, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Intacct

Professional service businesses need real-time visibility in order to deliver value to clients and ensure that projects are profitable. In order for success, financial information and project information need to integrate seamlessly into one system, operational efficiencies must be enhanced and financial productivity must be increased.                                                                          

Professional service organizations looking to conquer their financial challenges should consider taking a look at the best-in-class accounting software, Intacct.  Intacct provides professional service organizations with results by providing integrated financial management and accounting software used to efficiently manage the end-to-end process. With Intaccts end-to-end system, sales, services and finance are brought together, helping you drastically improve on-time project delivery. Intacct’s award winning financial management and cloud accounting solution helps professional service organizations;

  • Gain real-time operational and financial visibility
  • Maximize revenues and reduce leakage
  • Accelerate billing and collection cycles
  • Automate revenue management
  • Manage project performance and profitability
  • Connect professional services and finance
  • Deliver real-time accessibility to your mobile workforce,,,and more      

Professional services benefit from Intacct by being able to scale without adding additional help, measure employee profitability and utilization, see when a project is over budget, analyze revenue by client and make timely business decisions. With professional service organizations, integration between financial information and project information is key, which is why Intacct is such a powerful and innovative solution. Allow your business to maximize profit and gain a competitive advantage on the competition. 

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