Keeping Safe When Bad Weather Strikes

Posted on: November 17, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Intacct

Although I am sure this is a topic we would all like to ignore, it is finally time to admit to ourselves that Chicago winter has arrived…and it is here to stay for quite some time. Negative fifty degree days, school closings, ice storms – you name it, Chicago has endured it. Although Chicago gets it particularly rough, every geographical area in the world has had times where weather has been unsatisfactory or natural disasters have occurred. During these times, companies must ensure that their employees are safe, and that their data is kept safe as well. When rough weather or natural disasters hit, cloud financial software such as Intaact ensures that data and hardware is safe within the cloud and enables employee safety by allowing employees the mobility to work from home when weather conditions are not ideal.                                                                              

When natural disasters strike, hardware can be destroyed and systems can completely fail. These failures take an average of 30 hours to recover from, which can be devastating for any business. By moving your financials to the cloud with Intacct you are ensuring your system’s safety within Fortune 100-class data centers. These data centers include:


·         7x24x365 monitoring and operations

·         Multiple fiber trunks

·         Mirrored RAID storage

·         Standby servers

·         Redundant network components

·         Redundant uninterruptable power supplies

·         Parallel redundant generators

·         Full application and data recovery within 24 hours in case of a major disaster                              


With Intacct’s world class data centers, weather conditions will no longer put your company at risk and you can feel confident that your important data is safe. Besides impacting data and hardware, weather conditions can also put the safety of your employees at risk. Poor road conditions and below freezing temperatures result in employees struggling and putting themselves at danger in order to get to work. With advanced mobility, employees can enjoy the freedom of working from home when necessary to keep them safe and to keep your business running optimally. Intacct’s mobility features allow employees secure access to their work from any browser at any time, allowing your company to stay in business while others shut their doors.

Keeping your employees, data, and hardware safe is necessary at all times, but becomes especially evident as the weather starts to turn for the worst. Moving to a cloud financial software, such as Intacct, will allow your company to remain confident even during difficult times. 

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