M&A Related Services

At Logan Consulting, we believe it makes sense to begin looking at any transaction with the end in mind. Clearly, all parties wish to avoid the risks associated with a poorly executed M&A transaction.  Importantly, it is beneficial for all parties to understand both the technology and business process costs and timeline required to successfully close and complete the transaction.  This understanding helps ensure the transaction is closed and handoff completed on time without additional TSA costs or other penalties associated with a failure to execute.

We believe it makes sense to group our service offerings as follows:

Pre-transaction due diligence

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Post-transaction TSA management

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Specific technology project management and execution

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

Our goal is to help our clients clarify and quantify hidden costs and risks through a proper assessment the company’s IT applications, infrastructure platforms, IT operations management and service contracts.  We firmly believe this up-front investment has enormous payback:

  • Hitting transaction close date
  • Avoiding additional TSA fees or other costs
  • Reducing stress on transaction project team
  • Avoiding customer-facing issues
  • Obtaining financial benefits of transaction

Post-Transaction TSA Management

Our goal is to help clients manage the execution of the work required to properly exit TSAs and otherwise manage the specific projects required to make the merger or acquisition a success.

Specific Technology Project Management & Execution

Our experience is that most mergers, acquisitions or divestitures involve complex and challenging IT projects, including ERP, MES and CRM, among others.  Logan Consulting offers experienced teams to execute IT projects in high-stress, timeline-critical M&A environments.

From due diligence pre-transaction through transaction close and full TSA exit, Logan Consulting can lend our expertise and experience to help drive decisions across all IT-impacting areas, including:

  • Mapping and blueprinting network infrastructures
  • Finalizing telecommunications and service agreements
  • Evaluating, planning and implementing enterprise software packages
  • Coordinating vendor and contract consent