Software and Technology Systems Assessments

Software Technology Systems Assessment

Logan offers software technology systems assessments and selection services so the client, not the vendor, gains the upper hand. Contact us TODAY to ensure your company is in good hands.

Technology Systems Features

Logan is proficient in numerous software technology system assessments areas, including:

checkbox ERP (enterprise resource planning)
checkbox E-commerce
checkbox CRM (customer relationship management)
checkbox WMS (warehouse management systems)
checkbox MES (manufacturing executive systems)
checkbox Networking and other hardware

We’re a manufacturing firm and we have some pretty demanding users at our plants. Consultants don’t always fare well here. But some of our toughest users now are big fans of Logan Consulting.

Project Manager
$1-billion manufacturer

Software and Technology Systems Benefits

Clients ensure that their software and technology system address their business needs; receive the best terms and conditions from their software vendors; align with the right vendors; avoid software purchasing mistakes; and proceed with timely, successful implementations. Learn more at our website.

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