Project Success Management

Logan Consulting’s PM Practice delivers project success for You, your organization and your project teams with proactive guidance and interactive support during your IT projects. 

– We do this by leveraging remarkable People who are Engagement ready

– a skillset  that includes project Leadership, Navigation and real-world based advice

– extensive experience combined with Logan Consulting’s System Implementation Methodology AND PM industry standards and knowledge.

Experienced, Engaging people

At Logan Consulting, leadership is a core competency of our Project Managers.  Our PMs focus on directing project teams with an emphasis on cohesion, which leads to more effective team engagement and accomplishments.

  • Leveraging everyone’s expertise / experience to get the job done
  • Encouragement of All different team members to “pull together”
  • Flexibility to adjust to the project environment (size, complexity, duration, etc.)

Real-world recommendations, suggestions and examples are the basis for our PMs to offer unique guidance and counsel to our Clients.

  • Experienced people leads to a wide range of expertise and knowledge
  • Including interaction with a variety of people at different levels of an organization and companies with global, regional and local level projects
  • Our PM engagement ranges from Board-level, C-level, executives, senior leadership, management, supervision as well as salary and hourly personnel

Beyond a project plan, our Project Managers focus on creating pathways to objective realization and success by working with the entire project team.

  • Evaluation of project needs, resource availability, personnel capabilities, team interaction and trends in results.
  • Understanding the dynamics of executing project activities and tasks along with team workload and competing priorities.
  • Leveraging proven methodology activities and deliverables is the basis for project execution and delivery – and helps guide the client project teams.

We are prepared to navigate the different dynamics of your project journey and the unique requirements of your engagement.

  • Devising adjustments or alternatives is the key to overcoming challenges and roadblocks in areas struggling to meet deadlines or perform project work.
  • Monitoring progress and team interaction is fundamental to identifying areas of concern.
  • Evaluating each situation with different team members leads to determining where adjustments are needed and when to stay the course.

Value Based Support

Project Management at Logan Consulting is derived from a varied foundation of knowledge and expertise that we leverage to exceed expected value.

  • We start with a Foundation of proven Logan Methodologies (System implementation, project management, change management, etc.)
  • This is Expanded with Project Management industry standards and is further Enhanced by highly Experienced People
  • We combine these inherent aspects into an active, consistent and highly effective level of engagement providing valuable results along the journey to a successful project

Holistic Range of PM Services

  • Including client teams, software implementation partners, 3rd parties, etc.
  • Regardless of the size of the endeavor – single or multi-site, multi-region or international projects / programs
  • Vision and direction, steering and coaching as well as planning and navigation
  • Fundamental management of scope, budget, timing, people and challenges
  • Tactical level supervision to ensure actions, issues, decisions and deliverables are completed when required and validated
  • We understand that each client has unique requirements and various projects may differ from one another

Scope Determination

We customize our services for each Client endeavor to align with their needs, requirements and the unique dynamics of your journey.

We start by understanding your project’s distinctive, essential criteria

  • Scope, goals, objectives, timeline, budget, business parties, personnel, etc.
  • Risks, issues, decisions, challenges, obstacles and responses to success

Together we define the PM support required by aligning our range of involvement and interaction with your needs and expectations.

  • Cooperative review of PM requirements with an optional formal assessment
  • Value-add PM orientation aligned with your organizational core competencies
  • Agreement on the People focused interactions to realize project achievement

Resulting in a Tailored Commitment to your project’s circumstances

  • Allowing us to navigate the path on our shared journey to mutual success

Clear Expectations

Clarity of Support is another important step before getting started and Logan Consulting will document the Project Management expectations and deliverables to ensure we have that clarity.

  • The goal is to provide a summary of what you really need us to do.
  • Beginning with the end in mind, we will predefine the expected Accomplishments, Milestones and Achievements during the project.
  • We will also define the focus areas relevant to your project beyond just the typical on-time and on-budget requirements
  • It is also important to include any potential risks or unknowns that may require in-project adjustments and time to address them.
  • Including clarity on assumptions, exceptions and out-of-scope areas.
  • The last piece is defining a realistic budget for our PM Services including support time for any of the “intangible” topics we discuss

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