QAD Reporting

The value of an enterprise system like QAD can be evaluated in large part by the value you get out of it. Logan Consulting can help you identify key reporting requirements based on your business processes and executive reporting needs.

Logan Consulting helps you evaluate which reporting tools are most appropriate and cost-effective for achieving your reporting needs. We then work with your team to define, build, test and deploy the required reports.

Today’s report writing tools have become very powerful, but many if not all can also be complicated to use. Logan Consulting strives to get your organization the reports you need. However, we also strive to make sure resources within your organization understand how to use the reporting tools to help ensure your organization’s self-sufficiency.

10 Profit Decisions Manufacturers Are Making Blind

10 Profit Decisions Manufacturers Are Making Blind

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10 Profit Decisions Manufacturers Are Making Blind

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