Microsoft Dynamics

Work with a partner with over a decade of experience.

Logan Consulting offers a complete array of Microsoft Dynamics services from implementations and training and upgrades to assessments and strategic planning. We focus on an overall company wide view of systems and work to understand how your Microsoft Dynamics system will affect the entire company and related systems.

Our implementations are…

Process Driven

We work to understand our client’s business environment and determine the best business process that will achieve the desired objectives. The experience and expertise of our consultants, our process driven approach, and our methodology and tools create a unique and powerful combination.

Focused on the Future

Our competitors focus on “as-is” processes. which results in extensive and needless customization and re-implementing old and outdated business processes. We focus on “to-be” business processes and how you will use the system once you bring it live.

Services Available

Before we ever enter into an agreement, we’ll start with a conversation about your pain points and see if we think we can help you.

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