QAD Assessments

What are QAD Assessments?

Many companies use QAD EE, QAD SE or QAD MFG/PRO. Businesses are not realizing the return on their full  QAD investment. Others are interested to understand which version of QAD they should use (QAD EE, QAD SE.)

Logan Consulting has developed a detailed assessment methodology to assess the current state of a company. By our assessment we can analyze how a company is using their QAD EE, QAD SE or QAD MFG/PRO.

Our detailed methodology analyzes several factors including interviewing key users throughout the company. Upon completion of the QAD assessment we provide a written plan on how the use of the system can be improved. Logan Consulting helps break the report into short-term and long-term improvements. The assessment process is intended to produce a reasonable report and list concrete improvements that will have real and tangible results.

Key features of our QAD assessments services include:


Summary report providing recommendations that can be implemented

Case Study

Analysis of system and business processes


Review of key business processes to enhance productivity and effectiveness

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