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Logan Consulting helps companies navigate the technology considerations of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  IT assessments have always been part of merger and acquisition due diligence.  Few if any such transactions would move forward without the acquiring party believing that sound IT due diligence had taken place.  Unfortunately, our experience suggests that in an alarming majority of cases, the IT due diligence fails to capture the transaction’s IT risks.


checkboxAbility to move data to new systems
checkboxAbility to integrate separate systems
checkboxAbility to bring up EDI and E-Commerce capabilities

Data & Configuration Risks

checkbox Customer data and parameters
checkbox Supplier data and parameters
checkbox Product and component data
checkbox Manufacturing lead times, safety stocks, planning data
checkbox Accurate cost data, pricing, and terms

Business Process

checkbox Ability to take and process customer orders
checkboxAbility to make and ship product
checkbox Ability to adhere to regulatory guidelines
checkbox Ability to produce a minimal level of financial statements and reports


checkbox Ability to plan and schedule either across the new combined organization or independently (or in divestiture)
checkbox Ability to view single customer across multiple businesses
checkbox Ability to take advantage of supplier purchasing power across multiple businesses

M&A Advisory

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