Letter From The President

Oil down $90/barrel from its $120 peak.  Zero and even negative interest rates.  A slowing China.  It is indeed an odd landscape as we begin 2016.  The low cost of oil is a boon for consumers and many manufacturers who either use oil or an oil product as a major raw material or who benefit from more money in consumers’ pockets.  Clearly not a boon for those who are either in or serve the energy exploration and production industry.  While US growth and unemployment look solid, most of the rest of the world continues to struggle.  In these uncertain times, it is as critical as ever to ensure your project investments are supported by strong EBITDA and Non-EBITDA business value justification.

Trying to find the right partner consulting firm isn’t easy.  Lots of firms talk a good story. Others promise the world, but fall short on delivery.  Yet going the distance to retain the best firm for your company is a prudent time and financial investment.

With Logan Consulting, you can be assured of receiving premium, best-of-breed service backed by competent, dedicated professionals from a trusted business partner.  We strive to ask the right questions; prescribe the right solutions; then execute on our commitments.  We leverage a proven business value methodology and supporting tools to solve real business issues and drive bottom-line results.

  • Understand your business’ value drivers – what drives cash flow, what drives intangible value?
  • Identify where these value drivers impact your business processes.
  • Evaluate how changes to business processes and underlying technology can improve your business value – tangible cash flow and intangible value.
  • Support projects to obtain this business value.

More than my word, the proof is in our results and our client testimonials.  Logan Consulting is delighted to showcase an impressive and growing roster of companies who have benefited from our services for more than two decades.

We’d be glad to listen and learn about your business – your challenges and priorities – to see if Logan Consulting might be a good fit to help you obtain business value. Please contact me at 312-345-8823 or glogan@loganconsulting.com if you are interested in having such a discussion.

Thank you and have a prosperous 2015!


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