Generating Positive Momentum for ERP Implementation

Posted on: June 14, 2023 | By: Emily Aro | ERP Selection

Implementing any new software into your company can be tough, especially when employees have years of doing business the old way.  The “we’ve always done things this way” mentality, can be a hurdle to an effective implementation of a new ERP system.  And has the potential to delay or possibly block improvements that new ERP software (like QAD) can bring for your company.  In order to have a successful implementation, it’s important to make sure that your entire team is on board.  Below are four of our favorite tips for generating positive momentum for ERP implementation and making sure every person on your team is as excited for change as you are!

4 tips to ensure excitement for ERP implementation

  1. Show the Benefits:  In order to get someone excited about an idea, it is always helpful to show people your own excitement.  Take time to identify the expected and potential benefits and improvements from the new software and business processes.  Then share your vision by actively praising the benefits with team members, so they can also see the future utilizing your new software.
  2. Create a Positive Team:  Finding the right system is half the battle when it comes to ERP upgrades.  Once you’ve decided on your new ERP system, it is important to be selective when defining the team that will implement it.  Look for employees who are recognized leaders in your organization and have the capability to help create an encouraging environment around this positive change.  It is also beneficial to select one leader from each department to gather varying opinions from those who will be using this software as a part of their daily routine.
  3. Define Expectations:  In order to reap the benefits of this new software it is important to understand the overall goals of the future solution.  Establish well-defined and measurable objectives that add value to the business and allow your organization to show improvement.  Share these expectations with the people impacted by the future solution and watch your company’s progress unfold together.
  4. Prepare Everyone:  Investing in your team and the right training approach is fundamental to the success of the software implementation and your company’s future.  When employees understand how the future processes and software will work in their roles and also support the business requirements.  They will have confidence in the future solution along with their own skills and are much more likely to trust the software.  Proactive communication about the ERP implementation is important and provides key information about everyone’s future.  Training is a people investment that will help them understand just how important the new ERP software is – and prepare them for their future day-to-day activities.

Next Steps

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