The client is a leading supplier of construction tools, supplies and equipment.



After performing an assessment of current-state processes, it was determined that the company was not fully utilizing the capabilities of Dynamics NAV. As a result, Logan implemented 4 primary recommendations:

  1. Redesign Manufacturing Processes and Utilize Dynamics NAV Manufacturing
  2. Improve Costing Accuracy in Dynamics NAV
  3. Implement MRP/MPS and Sales Forecasting
  4. Implement Warehousing


  • After the proposal was signed, Logan Consulting created scoping and planning documents (Project Charter and Project Plan) to identify the scope of the project and plan out the implementation.
  • Once the plan and charter were signed off on, Logan led Core Team Training covering Manufacturing, MRP/MPS, and Warehousing modules in Dynamics NAV.
  • The client used the knowledge gained from training and paired it with their knowledge of current processes to design new business processes for Manufacturing, MRP/MPS, and Warehousing. As a result of these design sessions, Logan developed Visio flows that were accompanied by a narrative to describe the high-level process.
  • Once the company signed off on the new processes, data conversion tasks were necessary. Stockkeeping Units had to be updated and created, as well as planning parameters for items. Logan provided the client with templates to fill out. They populated those templates with help from Logan and loaded the new data into a sandbox.
  • With data in the system, the client created step-by-step work procedures that detailed the steps to be taken in Business Central to accomplish the designed processes.
  • These work procedures were used during Conference Room Pilot to test the system to make sure everything flowed as expected, and there were no issues with executing business processes. Issues that were found during the first CRP were fixed and corrected before a 2nd CRP was performed.
  • After all processes produced the expected results from CRP, data that was created/updated in the sandbox was migrated to production.




Logan Consulting developed new processes that utilized previously unused functionality in Dynamics NAV. These new processes removed a lot of manual work that the company’s employees were previously performing. Additionally, the client saw cost savings related to inventory. MRP and MPS provided more accurate inventory planning and led to more efficient inventory purchasing