The company is a nationwide food manufacturing distributor, based in the Midwest. They have experienced consistent growth over the last 15 years.


The client came to Logan Consulting because they were running an older version of Dynamics GP that is heavily customized, meaning the software had a lot of integrations to other systems, both manual and electronic. However, they did not keep updated records of the customizations so they were struggling to identify the specific mechanisms that facilitated these integrations. Moreover, the client was experiencing a real lack of reporting: GP took in a lot of information, but the company struggled with having streamlined processes resulting in difficulty achieving good reporting. Logan consulting recommended conducting an assessment of Dynamics GP and the surrounding business applications and processes.

Logan Consulting Solution

After meeting with the client and performing an assessment, Logan Consulting found improvements that drove increased efficiency, greater reporting capabilities, and more automated processes.

  • Brought stability to the system by identifying all of the existing customizations and integrations, and subsequently developing a system architecture map.
  • Engaged in business process improvement by examining most efficient pathways and mechanisms.
  • Provided training for users and documentation of the various identified processes.
  • Helped define and develop key reporting.


  • The system is now properly documented; the company understands the system architecture and what they are using.
  • Users have easier access to reporting and data, allowing them to make better decisions.
  • Users are properly trained, so they are engaging with the system efficiently.