Three Features within Business Central for Wholesale Distributors

Posted on: October 31, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a popular cloud-based ERP, comes equipped with well-developed software for wholesale distributors to take advantage of. The system allows wholesale distributors to maintain accuracy in their work while keeping costs low. In this blog, we will discuss three features within Business Central that wholesale distributors can utilize.

Improved Inventory Tracking 

Business Central can help your business ensure accuracy in your inventory in order to cut down on wasted time. The ERP allows you to keep track of the specific locations of your items within your warehouse, down to row and bin number. Furthermore, your business can ensure that each part of your inventory is stored in the proper location that is suitable to the item’s needs. For example, this includes your specialized parts that require temperature controls or items that need to be stored together. By utilizing Business Central, your business can control your inventory better and prevent mishandling your inventory.

Avoiding Deadstock 

Your business can keep track of your slow-moving inventory to eliminate extra costs. The ERP will notify you when your inventory is moving slowly. This will aid your business in multiple ways. To start with, if your business is overstocked, you can ensure that your inventory can still be properly stored. Additionally, Business Central can help you prevent over-ordering the item again to avoid wasting space and money.

Increased Overall Visibility 

By keeping track of your inventory and how it moves overtime, Business Central can accurately forecast to help your business best maintain your inventory. Your business can understand what is being sold, how much, and when. This knowledge can help each distributor keep inventory moving perfectly and reduce delays. Additionally, this insight will let your business make decisions about your inventory- such as charging premiums on certain items or maintaining a larger stock of others.

Next Steps

Logan Consulting is a proud Microsoft partner. If your wholesale distribution business is interested in harnessing the power of Business Central, contact us today to speak to an expert.

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