Thoughts on Manufacturing within Business Central

Posted on: November 15, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Business Central allows your manufacturing company to stay on top of your production orders. The ERP will let your business track your important manufacturing processes while also keeping costs low. In this blog, we will go over manufacturing and production orders within Business Central and what the ERP can do for your business.

Tracking Within Your Production Orders

When your business creates a production order within Business Central, you can track everything in the manufacturing process inside the ERP. This includes items that have been made to order, made to stock, and engineered to order. The production order will help you keep a detailed report of all your costs. For example, the ERP can keep track of machine time use, production time frame, materials used, and more. This information can be utilized to derive costs to ensure your business is staying on budget and charging effectively. 

Anticipating Your Manufacturing Needs 

Your business can utilize the ERP to make sure your entire operation is running smoothly and efficiently. Business Central will help you avoid mistakes by storing data throughout the production process. As you track item consumption within your inventory and your production time frame, your ERP can forecast your manufacturing needs. By utilizing Business Central, your business will not be bogged down by the same small errors. 

Collaborating with Subcontractors 

If you require support from outside of your manufacturing business for your production process, you can maintain accuracy by tracking inside Business Central. This includes resources, facilities, and labor that your product requires. The ERP can help your business stay organized within this process, while also staying on top of costs. 

Next Steps

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