Summary of GP Webinar: Future of GP and your ERP Options

Posted on: September 20, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Logan Consulting recently held a “Future of GP” webinar, in which a Logan expert discussed the future of GP and your company’s ERP options. Microsoft announced to its partners that they plan to discontinue sales of GP starting in April, 2026. While Microsoft will support current GP users, this update provides a good opportunity for users to consider their future ERP options. If you missed the webinar, here is a summary of the key points:

1. Is Dynamics GP Dead?

While Microsoft has decided to discontinue sales, they have stated they will remain committed to current users. However, Microsoft is focused on evolving their cloud-based products, as opposed to their on-site products like GP. Because of this, their investment into GP and GP users will be smaller. This smaller investment has started already- with each release, GP has less updates to the software solution. Innovation is coming primarily to cloud based products.

2. Making a Switch

If your business is interested in switching to a different ERP, Microsoft has been urging its clients to consider Business Central. This switch is not just a simple upgrade, and while there is a migration tool, it has its limitations. However, Business Central has several strengths for your business to take advantage of. The software works for a variety of industries and is cloud-based. The ERP extends onto your mobile device and has features that can be implemented using your phone to help keep your business connected.

3. Where Business Central Fits

Business Central’s other strengths depend on your business’ needs and wants. Your business should consider Microsoft BC if you are interested in an ERP solution that is cloud-based and can be accessed via web browsers and mobile devices. Additionally, if your business is interested in harnessing the power of the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, you should consider Business Central. Lastly, you should consider if your business is interested in taking advantage of technology and implementing it more into your company.

4. What if I Don’t Want a Microsoft Solution?

If your business is not interested in using a Microsoft solution, Logan Consulting is also a proud partner of Acumatica, a competitor of Microsoft. Acumatica is also a cloud-based solution, with excellent usability. The ERP runs on Microsoft technology, so it is implemented into Teams and Outlook, just like Business Central. Logan Consulting helps their clients compare the two ERPs to find the best fit for their business.

Next Steps 

Logan Consulting is committed to helping its clients find the best ERP system for their business. If you have questions about the future of GP and which ERP is the right choice for you, contact an expert today.

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