Update from Microsoft About the Future of Dynamics GP

Posted on: May 15, 2023 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Cloud-based software has becoming increasingly popular in the corporate space over the last decade because it opens avenues of accessibility and connectivity up for companies that is not possible when using an on-premise solution.

Users of Dynamics GP, one of the most popular and traditional on-premise solutions, are aware that Microsoft has been gradually providing less and less support for the software and is more interested in evolving its Dynamics 365 platforms. The company has made it clear to its loyal GP customers that they will be providing a support life cycle past 2028, but there has been a new update made by Microsoft regarding the future of Dynamics GP.

Key Points

While the Modern Lifecycle Policy ensures that there is no official end for Dynamics GP, current users should take note of Microsoft’s most recent announcement. Microsoft has decided to cease new customer sales of GP beginning in April 2026. Prior to this, in April of 2025 there will no longer be new sales of GP Perpetual licenses, but customers will still be able to purchase subscriptions until the next year.

This update does not impact current GP users, and Microsoft has reiterated their commitment to providing support to the solution’s loyal followers. However, it does signal that GP is reaching its end in the wake of evolving technology.

Those still using GP should not be too concerned about this update, but this does provide a great opportunity for those in the Dynamics GP community to begin contemplating future plans regarding the different options your businesses can take when considering transitioning to a new software.

Microsoft has not made a public announcement about this yet, but they have communicated the details of the transition to GP partners. Keep your eye out over the next couple of weeks for an official statement from the company regarding this news.

Next Steps

This announcement signals that the end of GP is approaching, and it can be a great time for those still using GP to explore different pathways forward. Logan Consulting is a long-time GP partner of Microsoft, and can provide answers to any questions you may have about what this update means for your company. Reach out to us today to find out more.

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