Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting SmartList or SmartList Builder

Posted on: May 14, 2013 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP

By now you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP has excellent reporting capabilities.  However, we often receive questions from users wondering whether SmartList or Smart List Builder is the better tool for their particular Microsoft Dynamics GP reporting need.  Here is a quick summary of both solutions. 

SmartLists: A querying tool that allows employees to instantly create sophisticated queries to find detailed information about customers, vendors, inventory items, employee records, and projects as well as general ledger accounts. Numerous transaction types are also available for query. One of the frequently used functions of SmartList is the ability to transfer the results of your query into an Excel or Word file with a single click. Over 100 SmartList queries are delivered with your Microsoft Dynamics GP system and these can be modified, or new queries created. SmartList is delivered with access to a pre-defined set of tables and fields within each module. Queries can be saved for future use by a single user, all users, a single company or across companies. Don’t complicate your life converting text files into excel files, use SmartList.

SmartList Builder: Lets employees build customized SmartLists that quickly link to Microsoft Dynamics GP and other data sources, and retrieve data according to defined criteria. When SmartLists alone can not provide you with all the information you need, it’s time for SmartList Builder. This tool expands upon the functionality of SmartList by allowing user to build their own query. Builder opens access to all of the data tables within Microsoft Dynamics GP and can also access other data tables as well. This powerful tool allows users the ability to then save their queries for access within the core SmartList application. SmartList Builder allows you to take your query abilities to the next level without the need for IT support.

If you have additional questions about SmartList, SmartList Builder or other Microsoft Dynamics GP reporting needs feel free to contact us.

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