Lean with QAD Cloud ERP

Posted on: September 22, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing, based on the methodologies of the Toyota Production System, is a unique business model that maximizes the on-time delivery of quality products while emphasizing the elimination of any non-value added activity (waste). With lean manufacturing you can empower your employees, continuously improve your products and eventually even help with eliminating waste in the environment. So how to make your company lean with QAD?

QAD ERP has the ability to implement Lean Manufacturing in your business, turning your company into an efficiency powerhouse. How is one ERP system able to do all this? Take a look at some of the key features QAD provides to help your company manufacturer as Lean as possible:

– See complete analytical information with the KanBan Workbench

– Use data directly from ERP, eliminating data entry errors.

– Integrated messaging to speed up communication and avoid delays.

– Automated Kanban card management

– Pull systems that visually signal when items need to be replenished

– QAD Supply Chain Portal integration, providing real-time visibility

Lean manufacturing is prominent in many organizations, including Intel, Nike, Textron and Ford. With lean manufacturing in QAD you can recognize the interaction between people and technology in the workplace and use this recognition to create a process that makes your company as efficient as humanly possible.  For more information on QAD or QAD support, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based QAD partner.



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