Top Four Myths About Accounting Software

Posted on: September 18, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

No matter the business area or size of the company, accounting software has a fit within any organization. Yet, so many companies are reluctant to jump on board. So, what are some of the most common myths we hear revolving around accounting software?

1. I don’t need accounting software, my company is too small

One of the most common objections we hear to acquiring software is that a company is “too small” and has no need for accounting software. If this is your case, ask yourself four questions: does your company spend money? Does your company make money? Do you have customers? Do you have employees? Hopefully, you were able to answer yes to most of these questions. If so, your company DOES have a need for accounting software. Accounting software easily tracks your finances and allows you to make more informed business decisions. You will create happier employees who are less stressed day-to-day and are able to spend time benefiting your organization in better ways than just crunching numbers. Also, with accounting software, you will have the ability to better organize your customer information providing you with a greater outlook on what is occurring within your business.

2. If I acquire accounting software, I will need to hire accounting professionals

This myth is almost the complete opposite, because accounting software is built for non-professionals and is easy for just about anyone to understand. The right accounting software will have all the tools you need to reduce data entry, track payments and create reports with just the click of a few buttons.

3. I don’t need accounting software because I am in total control of my finances.

But, do you really have your finances “totally under control”?  Are you fully confident that you are tracking your finances to the best of your ability? Managing your company’s finances with pen and paper or excel spreadsheets undoubtedly leads to errors, no matter how skilled you and your employees may be. Accounting solutions are built specifically to minimize these errors and point out faults that are made. Plus business decisions are built on accurate real-time information, rather than purely instinct.

3. I can’t afford accounting software

Finally, the biggest qualm, you just can’t afford accounting software. The funny thing is, you most likely can. You may be surprised at the flexible pricing structures that can be offered for your business, no matter how big or small. Yet, you’ll never know without a quote!

If you are interested in accounting software, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, but don’t know where to start feel, free to start a conversation with us. Contact us at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner. 

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