Intacct Partners with American Express

Posted on: November 24, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Intacct

A vast majority of mid-market companies would agree that as technology continues to advance is not only affordable, but necessary, to transition a company’s payment transactions to the cloud. It is common that while many middle market companies are increasingly adopting cloud solutions, their supplier payments and financing tend to suffer outside the cloud due to challenges with infrastructure and business model hurdles.  Recently, by partnering with American Express, Intacct has come up with a solution for payment services and core financial management system integration.                                     

American Express Global Corporate Payments, a division of American Express, has recently announced that the company has joined forces with leading cloud financial management provider, Intacct.  This partnership will allow integration of American Express payment services into Intacct’s financial management system, offering a ready-to-use solution without additional IT investments. With integration between American Express and Intacct , thousands of midsize businesses will have access to American Express Global Corporate payment products while improving their supplier payments within Intacct’s cloud financial system.                                                                                                                              

Intacct’s Check Delivery Service, recently launched, will allow businesses to send check payments to suppliers and have their general ledger automatically updated – all with the click of a button. Additional card and non – card payment solutions will also be arriving soon. This partnership will reduce payment processing errors and drive operational efficiency through streamlined workflow all while providing customers an integrated user experience.  As Intacct and American Express continue to grow, we will be looking forward to their future advancements.

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