How to Use Business Roles in Dynamics CRM 2016 to Show Hidden Fields

Posted on: September 13, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using a hidden field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 can add value to your organization in many ways. Often times Dynamics users will want to see a field on a form only in certain situations. For example, maybe you only want to see the ‘Account Number’ field if the account is a client. If an account in your system is a prospect or a third party vendor, then you do not want the Account Number field taking up valuable real estate on your form. With the addition of Business Rules in CRM 2016 you now have the option of hiding or showing a field in certain situations. 

Creating Your Field

First, create your new field. In this scenario we are creating a field called ‘Client Account Number.’ Next, add the field to your form, then double click it to bring up the ‘Field Properties’ screen. Under the visibility option, uncheck ‘Visible by default.’

Create a field in CRM 2016

Creating Your Business Rule

On the form customization screen, click Business Rules in the header. Then name your rule, in this scenario we call our rule 100-Show Client Account Number. Note: It is good practice to name your business rule with a number first because CRM detects and initiates business rules in alphabetical order. Then in the Condition section select the field parameter you would like to use. Here it is ‘If Relationship Type equal “Client.” Next in the action section select the field you would like to show. Here it is ‘Set visibility on Field Client Account Number – Show field.’ Then save your rule and click the Activate button at the top.


create business rule in crm 2016

Now, you will only see the ‘Client Account Number’ field if your relationship type equals client. This type of rule can be used for many situations, and will help you save space on your form as well. 

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