3 Updates from Acumatica 6 That we Can't Wait to Use

Posted on: September 9, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica

Your Acumatica Partners at Logan Consulting are excited to announce that Acumatica has finally released the highly anticipated version of Acumatica 6! This update is full of useful new product and technology enhancements to help simplify your workplace even further. Although the upgrade was just released today, we can already tell that this will be Acumatica's best release to date. Below are three updates from Acumatica 6 that we can't wait to use.


Integrated Microsoft Outlook & CRM

Do you have details on clients, leads or contacts that already exist in your Cloud ERP software but can't access them within Outlook? With this add-in, users can create new leads and contacts inside Microsoft Outlook and customize the Acumatica ribbon button depending on your companies branding.


Updated Dashboards and Embedded Microsoft Power BI Components

With updated dashboard capabilities, creating, managing and configuring widgets on your dashboards has never been simpler, even from your mobile devices. This Acumatica release also supports new Microsoft Power BI Components as well as an Outlook Ad-in commercially available, the first of its kind in the industry.


Contract-based Rest API

REST API simplifies the process of creating and testing requests from a web browser without custom libraries or special wrappers required for the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API. The contract based Rest API uses the same endpoints and contracts as the contract-based SOAP API from Acumatica 5.3, but takes it one step further.


These are just a few of the released updates that Acumatica has released on this exciting day, however we are sure that there are more exciting updates and features to come. Keep updated on our blog where we will be sure to discuss and highlight even more of Acumatica 6's new features. For more information on Acumatica's dynamic and mobile cloud ERP software, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Acumatica Partner to schedule a consultation. To view the full Acumatica 6 Press release, click here.

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