GP Versus Business Central: 3 Largest Differences

Posted on: January 29, 2024 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Are you a current GP user looking for a different solution? Are you deciding between ERPs? In this blog, we will cover three key differences between two Microsoft ERP solutions – Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central. While both ERPs are from the same company, they are very different solutions. Changing to Business Central from GP is not just an upgrade- it is a new implementation but often worth the effort.

1. On Premise Versus Cloud Based

The largest difference between the two ERP systems is how they are offered. Business Central, Microsoft’s newer ERP technology, is provided to users on the cloud. This means that the ERP is accessible almost anywhere. However, GP is only offered on-premises. If you choose to stay on premises with GP, you will need to manually upgrade your infrastructure and database. Microsoft is currently making users upgrade their GP solution once every year. With Business Central, your company is able to implement twice a year release updates with virtually no effort, while unlocking new features and a better system each time.

2. Microsoft Investment

Microsoft is currently investing heavily in its newer ERP solution, Business Central. This investment comes with constant releases and upgrades to the product. Business Central is where Microsoft is going for small and mid-market businesses. GP, unfortunately, is where they are not going. Microsoft has announced that they will be stopping new sales of GP in the next few months. While they have stated their commitment to current GP users, they will no longer be investing in Dynamics GP. This is a clear sign that they are moving away from Dynamics GP. We always tell people, the Dynamics GP you are using today is the Dynamics GP you will be using two, three, four years from now.

3. How You Access and Mobile Access 

The two ERPs are accessed in very different ways. Since GP is an on-premises solution, it can only be accessed and used through a terminal server or remote desktop connection. This limits how your users work with the ERP to specific devices and specifically stops mobile and tablet access. However, Business Central can be accessed on any device. The ERP is accessible on browsers, meaning if your device has internet access, it also has Business Central. This allows for a more interconnected team- your salesperson could be connected on their tablet, while a field worker updates their Business Central mid-job on their phones. There are also specific apps for Business Central for phones and tables to work properly with the different screen sizes.

Next Steps

Dynamic GP and Business Central are drastically different systems, which makes for many major differences. While it might seem intimidating to switch your technology from GP to Business Central, there are ways to make this process easier. Reach out to Logan Consulting today to speak to an expert if you want to learn more.

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