Building a Customer Journey Map with Microsoft Dynamics

Posted on: May 31, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 A customer journey refers to the series of interactions that a customer goes through when engaging with your business. It encompasses their entire experience from the discovery, evaluation, and eventual purchase of your product. The tool helps businesses understand and optimize each stage of the customer’s experience. This allows your business to deliver personalized and meaningful interactions. Your business can utilize Microsoft Dynamics in order to easily evaluate and strengthen your customer journey. The journey is usually broken down into five key phases. In this blog, we will discuss these phases and how you can use Dynamics to improve upon your customer journey. 


In the first phase, your customer has identified a need and is looking for information about how to resolve it. During this phase, Dynamics can help you increase general awareness about your product or service. 


In the consideration phase, a customer is interested in your product. However, they may be researching in order to identify alternatives. Dynamics provides your business with sales, market, and support data. During this phase your business can use Dynamics to track who your customer is choosing over you. This will help you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses. 


Through a call to action, you are persuading your customer to start using your product. In Dynamics, you can track which marketing campaigns work the best for your business. Through their feature “Lead Source”, you can track where your buyer found your business in order to pinpoint where the strongest leads start from.


During the retention phase, you are interested in growing your continuous business with your customer and helping them gain value from your product over a longer period of time. Dynamics provides your business with the data that allows you to track how you are achieving your goals. This allows you to identify improvement areas and use the insights from the journey map to implement changes to your processes. 


A customer who is happy with your product will tell others about your business and the great work that you do. This is an important stage for your business and can be kept track of by your company using the Lead Source tool in Dynamics, under external referral or word of mouth. 

A customer journey map is an important tool for your business to create in order to evaluate problem areas and strengthen the overall customer experience. By creating a customer journey map in Microsoft Dynamics, your company can easily understand the steps that a potential customer takes as they interact with your business. Additionally, it can help your company create a better customer experience by providing you with the information about the interaction between the customer and your business. Your company can take advantage of Dynamics to make your customers more satisfied and obtain more customers by pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses along the customer journey. 

Next Steps 

Logan Consulting, a proud Microsoft partner, is committed to helping your business effectively handle its operations in the strongest way possible. Contact an expert today to learn more about creating a customer journey map using Dynamics today.  

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