The Client

The client is a newly formed family office. This family office manages several family-owned entities with a wide range of investments. They used to be part of a larger family, but the two offices split into separate companies, and now both manage several different entities.

The Opportunity

The family office that the client was associated with used Microsoft Dynamics GP. Upon separating from the larger organization, the client needed to set up similar operations to the current operation.  After reviewing their options, they determined that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central would be a good fit for their organization. This client utilizes the General Ledger, Cash Management, and Payable modules to perform their day-to-day tasks. 

Given that the larger family office’s GP version was older, and GP is being slowly phased out in favor of newer ERP systems, they ultimately decided to go with Business Central. 

The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting employed the methodology to successfully implement Business Central for this client.

  • After the proposal was signed, Logan Consulting created scoping and planning documents (Project Charter and Project Plan) to identify the scope of the project and plan out the implementation.
  • Once the plan and charter were signed off on, Logan led Core Team Training. Logan trained the Business Central users on the general functionality of Business Central in the relevant modules.
  • The client used the knowledge gained from training and paired it with their knowledge of current Business Central processes to design business processes for Payables, Cash Management, and General Ledger. Logan created Microsoft Visio flows along with process narratives as a deliverable for this step.
  • Once processes were finalized, Logan provided the client with templates to migrate data from their current system (chart of accounts, vendors, and GL history) to Business Central. This process was repeated for all legal entities. The client also assisted Logan with finishing the setup of Business Central by providing direction for setup screens and system defaults.
  • With data in the system, the client created step-by-step work procedures that detailed the steps to be taken in Business Central to accomplish the designed processes.
  • These work procedures were used during Conference Room Pilot to test the system to make sure everything flowed as expected, and there were no issues with executing business processes.
  • Once Conference Room Pilot was signed off on, the client brought over open payables from their current system, and Logan imported them into Business Central to start using this software going forward.
  • Logan provided some post-launch support for any issues that came up.
  • Migrating general ledger history to Business Central was an ongoing task over the next several months, as the client had to engage the other family office that they used to be associated with to get the data.

The Results

Logan Consulting helped this client successfully design, implement, and use Business Central as a replacement for the previously used Dynamics GP software. This transition resulted in improved efficiency and effectiveness of business processes for this family office.

Next Steps

Switching from your old system to a modern ERP solution can be easy! Logan Consulting, a Microsoft partner based in Chicago, has helped clients nationwide successfully integrate innovative software into their businesses with ease and expertise. Contact us today to see how we can help you!