Viva Sales in Dynamics 365

Posted on: July 23, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics recently introduced Viva Sales, an AI- assisted application that transforms the way you interact with your CRM. Each time you interact with a client on Office 365 and Teams, your engagement is captured and updated in customer profiles. Through Viva Sales, your business can improve both your relationships with your clients and your sales capabilities. In this blog, we will discuss how Viva Sales can improve your sales and customer relations.  

AI- Assisted Emails

After receiving an email, Viva Sales will automatically draft an email response or provide you with suggestions to enhance your writing. These suggestions come from knowledge of your writing style, CRM data, and your customer dialogue in Outlook. Once you send your email, Viva Sales will automatically update the insight to your CRM. Through Viva Sales, you can strengthen your relationship with your clients by maintaining accuracy while saving your time.  

AI – Assisted Notes

Through your Teams client calls, you can utilize Viva Sales to transcribe the full meeting, record important questions, and flag follow ups. Following your Teams call with a client, Viva Sales will generate a summary report, including highlights and next steps that you need to take for your client. This report can be forwarded to your client, and includes CRM embedded data to ensure your client has all the resources that they need. Viva Sales allows you to give your full attention to your client during meetings by eliminating note taking. Additionally, the system strengthens your interactions with your clients.

Improve Collaboration 

Viva Sales allows you to easily pull in relevant client information from Outlook into Teams. Additionally, Viva Sales generates contact cards of your potential leads for you to share with the rest of your team. Your team can seamlessly edit this contact card within Teams as you learn more about your client from your teammates. By sharing and updating your client customer information, you can guarantee that your sales team has a strong relationship with your client.

Next Steps

Logan Consulting, a proud Microsoft partner, is committed to making sure its clients get the most out of their systems. Contact us today to learn more. 

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