System Wide Data in QAD’s Enterprise Edition

Posted on: December 31, 2010 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Financials

System wide data in QAD’s Enterprise Edition are data sets that cross domains within the database. These datasets include base level data as well as financial analysis data. 

When deploying a new Enterprise Edition database, considerable thought and effort should be given in developing the standards for these datasets. 

These data sets follow three basic groups

– System Administration

– Address Data

– Financial Sets

System administration data includes menus systems, printers, and times zones. Address data includes state codes, country codes, currency and GTM tax zones. Financial data includes SAF (supplementary analysis fields) Codes. These SAF codes include sites, customer type, product line, item type, item group and supplier type. 

Insure your business has completed analysis of all these system wide data sets. Determine the source of those sets and the standards for deployment in the QAD database. Finally, make sure that the business has a controlling organization that will maintain these codes as new codes are created. 

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