Highlights of Microsoft CRM 2011 Launch

Posted on: January 23, 2011 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft CRM 2011 Launch last Thursday was an exciting event. Microsoft did a great job of showcasing some of the new features of Microsoft CRM 2011. Items such as dashboards, field level security and changing pages by security role were big hits.

One of the most exciting items that we had not discussed yet was SharePoint integration. Microsoft CRM 2011 Online will have built in integration to Microsoft’s hosted SharePoint offering. This is a great improvement by Microsoft as so many companies have a need to store documents and search them at a later date.

Two other announcements that most people probably knew already were that Microsoft CRM 2011 Online is available for $34 per user per month until June 2011 and there is a 30 day trial offer from Microsoft on the web site.

Come back to our blog as we will continue to post information about new and creative ways we discover to solve real world issues for clients.

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