QAD Digital Supply Chain

Posted on: June 28, 2023 | By: Meaghan Andrews | QAD Manufacturing, QAD Distribution

In today’s world, the increasing globalization of trade coupled with the increasing complexity of products and services and increasing consumer demand has created complex supply chains. As organizations look to increase revenues and expand product portfolios, they’re also experiencing the complexity and risk associated with supply chains. These complex supply chains are difficult for organizations to balance and require accurate supply chain planning. Many organizations fail to overcome the challenges posed by such complex supply chains. Therefore, selecting the sufficient supply chain management software is imperative. The proper supply chain management software can help resolve these challenges by enabling manufacturers to respond efficiently to demand. In this blog, we’ll learn how digital supply chains and QAD’s introduction of Demand and Supply Chain Planning (QAD DSCP) can help manufacturers manage the risks and challenges associated with complex supply chains and boost overall performance.

A digital supply chain overcomes certain limitations of traditional supply chain technologies where users often struggle with maintaining data and making accurate decisions. Digital supply chains are widely connected to both internal and external sources while being more inclusive of the stakeholders of the business entity. Digital supply chains are ultra-responsive due to their ability to anticipate risks or opportunities and receive near-time supply and demand signals. It is important for these digital supply chains to be highly intelligent as data is an asset to be highly leveraged. QAD Demand and Supply Chain Planning provides a comprehensive supply chain planning solution that embraces all benefits of a digital supply chain as well as achieve a variety of business outcomes and capabilities.

Key Features

QAD DSCP allows users to anticipate decision making by embedding intuitive business analytics that increase visibility across the supply chain to ensure accurate decision making. The use of a single data model across all facets of planning synchronizes plans for manufacturing, distribution, procurement, and inventory management. QAD DSCP is designed with the latest response planning techniques to allow manufacturers to respond effectively to supply and demand. Lastly, QAD DSCP incorporates real-time intelligence of supply chain stakeholders. This adds to business value planning and harnesses the collective intelligence of all stakeholders to increase collaboration. In addition to enhancing business outcomes, QAD DSCP technology incorporates several key capabilities.

QAD DSCP financial planning capabilities enables operational budget and cost targets to be defined. It aligns plans and measures progress revenue, profit, and supply chain costs against budgets. QAD DSCP financial planning capabilities also support strategic planning such as network flow management. The supply planning capabilities provide the best picture for future supply and demand. QAD DSCP coordinates material and information flow across the logistics network and optimizes the order and delivery plan for purchased materials including raw materials, packaging, and finished goods. Lastly, inventory optimization capabilities allow users to measure the impact of various classes of inventory such as safety stock. This solution incorporates segmentation rules and parameters to determine optimal safety stock targets across the network.

The QAD DSCP technology provides value to users by helping to achieve certain business outcomes while incorporating key capabilities. Users experience better forecasting techniques, reduced inventory, reduced costs, and better financial planning capabilities. QAD DSCP provides visibility and decision support to help manufacturers become more agile and overcome the risks of complex supply chains.

Next Steps

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