Microsoft’s Products Update Page

Posted on: August 6, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft provides its users with the “Products Update Page”, a helpful tool for those looking to explore the features of Business Central. On the page, you can discover various highlights from Microsoft’s most recent release. The page is full of short but informative videos sorted into several categories. These categories include Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management, and more. Additionally, these videos include tutorials on how to use the newest functions. Your business can utilize this page in order to get the most out of Business Central. It can help you learn more about the features that you use daily. Additionally, the page can help you discover new features that could save you time and make you more efficient! 

Check out the page here. Be sure to scroll beyond the “Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event” to the “Release Highlights” section.

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