Microsoft Dynamics Expands Across the Enterprise

Posted on: July 31, 2012 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are often asked what size organizations use Microsoft CRM and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. The answer is that it is a huge variety of sizes. However, one constant is the question of whether Microsoft CRM and the Dynamics ERP platform can fit for huge enterprises despite the fact that they are used by many Fortune 500 companies.

So recently at the Worldwide Partner Conference Kirill Tatarinov from Microsoft highlighted some large companies using Microsoft CRM and expanding their use of Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions.

Here is a summary of the companies he highlighted. If you want to discuss Microsoft CRM and the Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX feel free to contact us.

Cincom, which supports the manufacturing and selling of complex products from fire trucks to submarines to airplanes, has extended their already existing partnership with Microsoft Dynamics AX to include Microsoft Dynamics CRM to combine Microsoft’s flexible technology with Cincom’s deep industry expertise.

Technosoft’s blend of Microsoft Dynamics solutions supports automotive dealerships from the customers’ perspective to promote brand loyalty and increase repeat sales — a sharp departure from traditional transaction-based dealer management systems.

PROS, a marketing distribution and travel services company, is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to develop a system that gives sales teams an edge to increase their odds of profitably winning business.

Cenium, Inc., a global hospitality and hotel solution organization, is extending their Microsoft Dynamics based business offerings in areas such as property management, procurement, human resources and point-of-sale.

Campus Management Corp., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for higher education, is planning to expand global reach by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX to provide institutions of any size or complexity more choices when it comes to student information systems and enterprise resource planning solutions.

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