Microsoft Dynamics Copilot: an AI Assistant

Posted on: October 10, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft just released their latest AI product: Copilot. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot is an AI assistant meant to help every Microsoft user, no matter the industry. The AI will cut tedious tasks down, allowing you to focus more time and energy onto more important parts of your work. In this blog, we will discuss how the AI can support your business and what areas it can help in. 

AI and Sales 

Copilot within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales helps sales teams by assisting with small but important tasks. For example, Copilot can draft an email response for you, to help you avoid creating a few drafts. By telling the AI what you want to say and the tone of voice you would like to use, the AI can create a response to match it. Additionally, Copilot can both summarize your inbox for you and generate a meeting summary following a Team’s meetings. This will help you stay on task and avoid missing important information. 

AI and Business Central

Copilot within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can help your business with product listings online. You can use the AI to generate desirable descriptions of your product, all by telling Copilot more about your product and the tone of voice, length, and format you need. 

AI and Marketing 

Your business can utilize Copilot within Dynamics 365 Marketing to remain engaged with clients. You can use the AI to generate segments for you in just a few clicks. Through the query assist feature, you can describe the contacts or leads you want to target for a marketing campaign in your own words, and the AI will generate the segment. Also, Copilot can make suggestions for you to help you come up with a new email campaign. By entering in key topics for the email, the AI will use past emails and the internet to generate new ideas for you. 

Next Steps

Logan Consulting, a proud partner of Microsoft, is committed to ensuring its clients get the most out of their products. If you have questions about how AI and Copilot will enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact us today to speak to an expert. 

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