Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Enterprise Edition)- Understanding Pricing

Posted on: August 8, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

Microsoft Dynamics 365, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics AX, is a software that is making some changes to become an even more adaptable solution for every type of user. With this new pricing model, you can choose the Dynamics 365 enterprise application, or plan, that best fits your business needs today, and adjust down the road as your business changes. Dynamics 365 pricing is meant to have adaptability for your business to grow and change. Let’s break the pricing down to figure out what works best for you today!

Dynamics 365 Plan

The Dynamics 365 Plan allows users to have all applications in one cost effective plan. This plan costs $210 per user/month and gives your users complete access (with the exclusion of Microsoft Relationship Sales).

dynamics 365 pricing

Unified Operations Plan

The Unified Operations Plan gives users full use of applications that connect and manage your business operations specifically. This offer is priced at $190 per user/month. Employees that don’t handle sales and customer service directly, but rather work in the financial or retail side would be advised to go onto this plan.

dynamics 365 pricing

Customer Engagement Plan

The Customer Engagement Plan uses applications that help build and support customer relationships. This offer is $115 per user/month. Using the Customer Engagement Plan for employees working directly with sales and HR allows them to have access to the tools they use regularly.

dynamics 365 pricing

Additional Applications and Offers

Many businesses need to get on the ground floor and running before really knowing what applications they are utilizing most. The great thing is that with Dynamics 365 you can start with what you need and upgrade to plans as your business evolves. Ranging from $40-170 per user/month you can add additional applications as you go.

dynamics 365 pricing


Dynamics 365 enterprise edition applications include data security, 99.9% uptime SLA, Office 365 integration, and phone & web support! Whether you decide to implement the plan for the best value or install individual applications as your business needs, Dynamics 365 is a solution built for you. For more information on installation and implementation, contact Logan Consulting, your Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner now.

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