Functionality Not in QAD WebUI

Posted on: October 19, 2023 | By: Meaghan Andrews | QAD Practice News, QAD Business Process

Though QAD is actively adding functionality to the WebUI, it is important to note that there are still functions that are only available in the .NET UI. This blog highlights a number of these functions, though do not consider this to be an exhaustive list.

Master Scheduling / Production Scheduling Workbenches

Though some of the features of the workbenches, such as component availability checks, are available as Views in the WebUI, the capacity, scheduling, and sequencing capabilities are only available in the .NET UI.

Product Change Control

The Product Change Control module, where engineering changes can be requested, approved, and incorporated into Items, BOM’s, Routings, and Specifications are wholly supported by the .NET UI. This impacts not just Desing Engineers responsible for creating Product Change Requests / Orders, but also impacts PCO Approvers, such as Accounting, Purchasing, Production Planning, etc.

QAD Configurator

Though the Configurator Questionnaire is accessible in Sales Quotes and Sales Orders in the WebUI, all the setup functions related to creating and administering models are in the .NET UI only. Additionally, the stand-alone Questionnaire is also only available in the .NET UI.

Distribution Orders

Distribution Orders, which are used to plan and execute intersite shipments, are only available in the .NET UI. This includes maintenance functions related to creating Distribution Orders, but also the transactions used to reflect the shipment and receipts of these orders.


QAD continues to make significant progress on replicating or improving functionality in the WebUI, but the above are important considerations for your implementation or upgrade, as it does impact change management, training, security, and process design.

Next Steps

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