Followers into Millions- Pt. 2

Posted on: June 28, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Logan Consulting News

What Can Social Media Influencers Do for Your Business?

Influencers are changing the marketing game, but not just for themselves. A huge source of income for influencers is compensation for advertising. Businesses are looking for influencers that are credible as well as compatible with what they are trying to sell. By developing campaigns that increase brand awareness through audience expansion, businesses are figuring out how to tap into a whole new market. Here are a few collaboration techniques when teaming up with an outside influencer.


Teaming up with an influencer who is active on and offline is essential. As a partner, you want to check to see if this influencer has a reputable image and trusted following first and foremost. Giving power to disingenuous influencers can not only cost you more money, it can deteriorate your reputation.


Producing high quality content that stands out from the competition is a key component of teaming up with an influencer. You want your influencer to share content that is unique and eye-catching, so followers take the time to learn more about your product or service.


Although it might be appealing to collaborate with the influencer that has the widest reach, it is more important to focus on the tone of that influencer’s platform. If your influencer does not align with your company’s style and values, the message will be ineffective.

Social media platforms have been used to advertise more than any other marketing tactic in recent years. While many businesses are latching on to the idea, others are sticking to traditional marketing methods of the past. As Millennials continue to enter the workplace social media will preside as a top marketing tactic.

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