Distribution Management Software importance

Posted on: January 10, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica, Wholesale Distribution

Distribution Management Software

There are many metrics and data points that need to be tracked on a regular basis to ensure the success of a growing business. Often times tracking these data points, managing projects and providing customer support can be a difficult task to handle. Especially with a dated ERP or CRM system running your business. Cloud ERP Software for wholesale distributors is an excellent solution for many wholesalers. Distribution management software like Acumatica allows users to manage sales orders, track inventory, improve purchasing and provide customer support with easeKnowing what to look for in a wholesale distribution software is one thing. However,  many business owners wonder why distribution management software’s like Acumatica cloud ERP are so valuable in the first place.

What Acumatica Cloud ERP is all about?

Acumatica is a full functioning cloud ERP system that allows users to access their data from any standard web browser from their mobile device or computer. Users are able to have secure access, anywhere any time – liberating your team from having to call back to the office to get information or have to add tedious special installations.

why is there value in erp

Acumatica also offers a distribution management suite that is fully integrated with CRM, financial modules and project management that your entire organization can view, improving communication and putting you all in sync.

Minimize Cost and Reduce Order Times

Acumatica allows distribution organization to improve customer satisfaction without raising costs. Giving users access to powerful real time analytics and visibility into your daily operations. They can access inventory information both in the warehouse and in transit. Along with capitalize on predictive analytics to help identify how much inventory they should reorder automatically. This is calculated based off of historical data.

  • Set rules to manage multiple warehouses,
  • returns,
  • credit limits,
  • drop shipments and more
  • automate most frequent sales order processing and shipping order generation.

This eliminates delays and keep your business up and running. There is value in your customers feeling that your distribution company values their time and is transparent in their operations.

Value in Determining Profitability

Users are able to control costs across the entire supply chain and distribution chain. To better determine real-time profitability by warehouse, product line or location. Acumatica offers requisition management applications that help organize and simplify complex distribution processes by adding value to  data. Optimize:

  • business gathers requests,
  • obtains bids,
  • creates quotes and more – all to help add value to your business and your customers.

Obviously Acumatica cloud ERP isnt’ the only business solution available for distributors, however it is a great option for many small to mid-size businesses who may be experiencing growth. For more information on Acumatica’s Cloud ERP distribution options, or to look into other distribution management software options, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based ERP partners and schedule a consultation.


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