How Dynamics CRM Can Enhance Project Management

Posted on: January 11, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM tools are valued highly for their ability to organize and simplify many aspects of your internal and external business operations. CRM software systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow employees to be more productive. It also innovates growth and creates profitable customer relationships. Project Management is a huge factor of any business operation. Without a reliable customer relationship management system set up, business can risk poor internal communication. Below are 3 ways that Dynamics CRM can help Enhance Project Management:

Time and Expense Management

Time and expense management is a crucial part of running any successful business. Employees want to be sure that they are being fairly compensated. Customers want to be certain they are being billed correctly for the goods or services that they are receiving. With a system like Dynamics CRM, a business can significantly simplify the efforts that managing time and expenses can require.

  • Submit information,
  • assign it to customers,
  • approve reports and
  • update project statuses

All within a single module anywhere with access to a desktop, mobile app or the web.

Project Planning

Of course to have any sort of project management, you must first have some sort of project planning in place. With Dynamics CRM’s built in customizable templates you can make it easier than ever for your sales and project managers to collaborate on project plans. In addition, to assist with professional services automation, the app also links to Microsoft Project to help with the scheduling and management aspects of project planning. This allows for you to make more accurate estimations and predict more accurate deadlines and check points to keep both your customers and employees happy.

Resource Scheduling

Keep your team on task and as productive as possible with resource scheduling applications within Microsoft CRM. Unify resourcing and scheduling into one comprehensive module that allows managers to assign work to the best person available to complete it. Ensuring that the job gets done right. Avoid communication confusion and make it easy for team members to be consistently aware of what the other is working on. This optimizes resources across project service customer service and field service so that your customers can ultimately have the highest satisfaction.

Of course these are just a few of the functional project management modules available within Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM Software. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its powerful project management capabilities, please contact Logan Consulting, your Microsoft Certified Gold Partner of Chicago.

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