4 Ways Microsoft D365 Decreases Financial Complexity and Risk for Manufacturers

Posted on: January 7, 2021 | By: Jarrod Kraemer | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance, you can modernize your global financial operations. Automated software enables maximized financial visibility and profitability. For example, D365 for Finance allows you to monitor performance in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth. An ERP solution allows you to go beyond basic accounting or financial software. With D365 you can automate your key processes, streamline your accounting needs, and manage your financial data while integrating it with other parts of your business. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top four ways Microsoft D365 decreases financial complexity and risk for manufacturers. 

1. Adapt Quickly With Intelligent Budget Proposals 

Reduce the required time and effort behind budgeting through Dynamics 365 for Finance. By letting the system perform tasks, you can not only close books faster but also simplify financial management. With this ERP solution, businesses can enhance financial decision-making including budget planning by reliably predicting customer payments and accurately projecting cash flow. Further, you can quickly consolidate historical data to predict your budget forecast and identify current and future trends through an intelligent and customizable cash flow–forecasting solution. 

2. Reduce Operational Expenses 

Minimize costs and optimize spending through D365’s process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis. Manufacturers can make faster business decisions, create a high-level view of key business metrics, and use interactive data visualization to improve business health and performance. Not only do automated tasks and processes reduce and manage business risks, but they also minimize costs. Saved time and labor costs work to increase workflow and productivity, getting more done with integrated tools and applications. 

3. Decrease Global Financial Complexity and Risk 

Adapt to changing local and global financial requirements by using a flexible and rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions. Dynamics 365 for Finance offers a guided solution that enables you to efficiently and accurately manage your financial operations. Frequently changing regulatory requirements can be met through easy adjustments with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats. This way, manufacturers can reduce risks and ensure compliance of all changing regulatory requirements and both local and global business needs.

4. Enhance Growth and Profitability

Work proactively with Dynamics 365 Finance and increase accuracy of projected cash flow and drive strategic financial decisions with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By monitoring cash flow in real-time, manufacturers can better predict future trends. Further, businesses can use data-driven decisions to reliably predict customer invoices and reduce business risk. D365’s intelligent and customizable cash flow forecasting solution enhances growth and profitability by allowing you to improve financial controls, optimize cash flow, and simplify financial management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance offers a complete set of capabilities for you to manage, plan, and analyze your financial processes.

Next Steps   

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