The Client

Our client is one of the largest suppliers of general purpose radiographic systems to independent distributors in North America, and with many years of expertise in manufacturing and distributing medical imaging systems in more than 100 countries worldwide, they have developed a reputation for providing high quality, reliable products and world-class after sales service.

With manufacturing facilities both locally and internationally, our client is a major global provider of cost-effective conventional radiographic x-ray systems, radiographic/fluoroscopic systems, dental x-ray technologies, mammography systems, portable x-ray equipment, veterinary x-ray equipment, chiropractic x-ray systems, surgical c-arms, high frequency generators and x-ray system components.


The Opportunity

Our client was in the process of implementing Dynamics GP with in-house personnel, when Logan Consulting was contacted to help them implement Microsoft CRM. They had selected Microsoft CRM to replace an archaic way of managing contact and dealer interactions. In addition to improved contact management, they were looking to run marketing campaigns notifying their distributor base of product promotions. Finally, our client was looking to replace their current sales pipeline reporting process. The process began with sales personnel notifying one individual of their opportunity updates. That individual would track these opportunities in an Excel spreadsheet and send to upper management weekly.

In addition to Microsoft CRM, management expressed a desire to see Dynamics GP data in a dashboard experience. This would allow upper management to easily access and analyze up to the minute sales and financial activity without needing to be “advanced” users of the application.

Lastly, although Dynamics GP has rich reporting capability, our client’s Material’s Manager needed more tailored reporting to help them manage their deep bills of material.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Our client decided to implement Microsoft CRM to meet their Sales and Marketing initiatives. They desired a consolidated application to collaborate on their contact and dealer information. The rich marketing functionality that comes with Microsoft CRM will allow them to create and manage marketing campaigns and track promotion activity.

They also decided to implement the Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal. The Business Portal allows non-GP users and their Executive team to easily access GP information in a dashboard type of environment.

Finally, they decided to utilize the power of SQL Reporting Services (SRS) for the creation of two advanced manufacturing reports.


The Result

Logan Consulting implemented Microsoft CRM Sales and Marketing modules at our client’s business. Now they have a consolidated repository for all their contact and dealer information and historical interaction. CRM Marketing functionality has allowed them to efficiently create, send, and track promotions sent through campaign email activities.

In order to accommodate our client’s need for dashboard capabilities, we implemented the Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal. We utilized most of the inherent “out of box” functionality that BP offers. However, we added an “Executive” area secured by a new permissions role. The Executive area provided salesperson, sales, accounts receivable, and current cash position web parts. The site offered a comprehensive area for upper management to review up to minute KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Finally, Logan Consulting met our client’s tailored manufacturing reporting needs with the use of SQL Reporting Services (SRS). Their unique Bill of Material structure produced a need for two new reports. SRS allowed us to create rich reports to the exact specification, all within the estimated time and under budget.


Next Steps

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