The Client

Our client is a leading paper production company. Their pulp paper mill produces industrial tissue that is used in products such as cracker bags, gum wrappers, computer screens and car batteries. In addition, their product is used in a variety of manufacturing processes. Having achieved ISO-9000 certification, This client is committed to competence and quality in the manufacturing of their products.


The Opportunity

This paper production company was the mill for another leading tissue company. Due to a change in business structure our client lost their information systems infrastructure and shared services support. They were faced with quickly selecting and installing new software, in a stand-alone environment, to support their ongoing business operations.

Logan Consulting assisted in implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP. Logan Consulting had previous experience with this client and was selected to help migrate the information from their existing software and begin the processing in the Dynamics GP solution.

The challenge was to get the data converted, without any process changes, in less than three weeks. Processing was required to begin on January 1, the start of our client’s financial calendar.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP has many tools inherent in supporting the loading of static and dynamic data files. Through export utilities in the existing software, converted to an EXCEL template and then loaded into the new software, Our client was able to convert the information without expensive programming resources. This paper production company was able to convert the customer master, vendor master, chart of accounts, open receivables, open payables, and prior year financial transactions. All prior year financials were recreated in the software, open receivables and payables


The Results

No business interruptions occurred during the process and at the year-end calendar, Our client was in a position to begin operations January 1 on the Dynamics GP business solution. The foundation was laid to now address business processes, restructure the financial and key performance metrics of the firm, and function as a standalone entity as part of their group.


Next Steps

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