Logan Consulting helps a strategic technology and business consulting firm successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics GP.


The Client

The client is a leading service provider of strategic technology and business consulting services. The client is headquartered in Chicago and performs engagements throughout the country.


The Opportunity

The client’s legacy accounting system was unstable, cumbersome to operate, and did not satisfy the client’s business requirements. Therefore, the client sought a system that would meet its accounting and business system needs in a cost effective manner. The client’s requirements included a system that could track its projects and allow their consultants to enter project billing and expense data from remote locations. Finally, the client required a system that allowed its project managers to review the time and expense information entered by the consultants.


The Logan Consulting Solution

The client turned to Logan Consulting to represent and implement an effective business and project management solution that could be implemented without any disruption to their normal business operations. Logan Consulting, a Microsoft Partner, demonstrated Microsoft Great Plains and its Accounting and Project Accounting suite. The functionality of the software was an excellent fit for the client.

The business consulting firm selected Microsoft Dynamics GP as its business system and Logan Consulting as its trusted implementation partner. The implementation was completed over a three-month period without any disruption to the normal business processes.


The Results

  • Microsoft Great Plains and Logan Consulting allowed the client to better manage its projects and provide more timely data to its project managers.
  • The client was able to eliminate two different legacy systems and streamline the billing and reporting process.
  • The month-end close process was significantly streamlined and improved.
  • The client was able to obtain more relevant and timely financial data and make more informed decisions.


Next Steps

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