Bar Codes Equipment Company Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Client

Our client is a leading supplier of bar code equipment including scanners, printers and related equipment. They are headquartered in Chicago, IL and supplies RFID as well as bar code equipment.

The Opportunity

Previously, our client used manual systems and Excel spreadsheets to manage their CRM efforts. This resulted in operational inefficiencies including redundant data entry, a lack of pipeline visibility and a lack of information about the customer.

Our client currently operates both an inbound sales center as well as an inbound call center to assist with customer service requests. They are in the process of starting up an outbound call center to assist with the company’s growth.

The Solution

In order to address these needs and better coordinate the overall sales, marketing and customer service efforts, our client reviewed several CRM solutions. Logan Consulting and our client met and discussed these and other requirements. Logan Consulting came to agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best fit for their needs.

Our client uses SysPro for its back-office, accounting and ERP functions. A key goal of this project is to integrate the back-office functions with the front-end CRM solution. A solution from K3 Industries is available that will integrate SysPro and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Results

  • Complete view of the customer for sales, marketing and customer service which dramatically improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved data integrity by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our client’s back office system, creating a unified customer master.
  • Higher employee productivity by automating business practices and eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Enhanced communication throughout the organization by having a single location for customer notes.
  • Better insight into enterprise customer by using the ability to create parent-child relationships between the various business units.
  • A consistent opportunity record resulting in standardized sales pipeline reporting.