Private Equity Group Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Logan Consulting Customizes a CRM Application for Chicago Private Equity Group

The Client

The client is an emerging private equity company as well as managers of a hedge fund. The company has been in operation for over five years and is located in Chicago, Illinois. The client has business relationships across North and South America and manages hundreds of investors utilizing a variety of investment vehicles. The investors and related data of the client are highly sensitive and confidential.

The Opportunity

The client needed a CRM software application to track various pieces of data regarding investors. Since business relationships were identified all across North and South America, it was important to select a CRM application which could accommodate the unique data requirements contained within the company’s portfolio. In addition, a solution was desired which could track investor email interaction and allow for the recording of all investor requests.

The company had no CRM system in place and sought a solution which would include integration to Outlook and provide reporting tools to extract critical data. Finally, they sought an intuitive interface to increase user adoption and reduce training efforts.

Additional requirements for a CRM application included:

  • The ability to easily customize the application to meet the specific needs of a financial services company.
  • The desire to capture data regarding existing investors.
  • The ability to save different lists of investors and investor support staff.
  • The ability to store an unlimited numbers of contacts for both investments as well as support staff for each investor.
  • The need for detailed reporting mechanisms that could be accessed and used by the average user.
  • The need to limit access to certain records as “read only” while having full edit capabilities for other record types.

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was deployed to all CRM users to track day to day communication with investors as well as track incoming and outgoing investment detail and history. Microsoft CRM was utilized to eliminate duplicate data entry and house important information in a single system. In addition, email integration with their Microsoft Outlook and Exchange system allowed users to store critical data sent via email in the Microsoft CRM system.

The application was easily customized to include several custom objects to house account information specific to each investor. The investor became the focal point of the system allowing the client the ability to store an unlimited number of contacts, businesses, and resources employed by the investors.

Critical investor correspondence is now being handled through the use of the marketing module in Microsoft CRM. Mass email notifications and investor reporting are sent and tracked via Microsoft CRM.

The Result

Highlights of the CRM functionality include:

  • Various custom records are used to capture investor account detail, administrators, contact information, bank information and the like.
  • Users are able to easily navigate through all contacts within the database using custom queries.
  • The ability to capture all staff and administrator contacts for each investor within a single database.
  • The ability to easily maintain email distribution lists to engage various investors in regards to specific investment vehicles.
  • Data can easily be fed to Microsoft Excel for management reporting as desired.
  • The ability to store all inbound and outbound email dialogue with all investors.
  • Printed documents are easily customized to insert investor name and account details through integration of CRM with Microsoft Word.
  • The ability to document all phone calls placed and received against the appropriate contact record.
  • The ability to capitalize on the marketing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send announcements and performance reports to all investors and store the history of the email directly within the investor profiles.