True Business Benefits from your QAD system

Posted on: June 30, 2017 | By: David Kwo | Uncategorized

Acknowledging that as a QAD Service Provider we are probably biased, our experience has been that the selection of the implementation team is as important as the ERP software that you choose. Because a well implemented ERP system is the transaction engine that provides the foundation that allows companies to drive real business value. And the Business benefits transcend all of the core business processes, both in terms of real cash flow and in softer benefits.


·       In quote to cash, a well implemented system can easily and quickly support new pricing initiatives in reaction to market changes and market opportunities. Pricing Optimization is critical because every extra dollar you can increase goes right to the EBITDA bottom line. It will also contribute to much more accurate and standardized pricing, which can reduce any pricing confusion or stress.

·       In the Plan to Produce Cycle, a well implemented system can reduce working capital requirements in terms of less inventory required and increasing inventory turns and optimizing the use of external labor. It can also increase real time visibility so that there is less expediting and improved customer deliveries which in turn improves customer relationships.

·       In the Procure to Pay cycle, you guys buy a ton of raw materials. A well implemented system can leverage the global buying power of an entire organization, ensuring that all vendors are honoring the best pricing.

·       And in Finance & Accounting (Recording to Reporting cycle) – a well implemented system provides real time, timely, and accurate financials that the executive team can use to track key metrics.


In order to achieve the above, it is necessary to have consultants who possess both business process expertise and software expertise and we are fortunate to have a team that possesses both skills.  Our clients have shared with us that this unique blend is a big reason they continue to work with us.



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