Signs it's Time to Upgrade to QAD

Posted on: June 17, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Business Process

Let’s face it, basic accounting software, while a great way to start off a new business, can become dated very quickly. Once your company gets up and running, a more sophisticated business system like QAD is not only recommended, but almost required for your business to continue growth. When immersed in your usual day to day operations, it is easy to ignore the red flags that could be setting you back. One of the many challenges businesses face is determining just when it's time to make the switch to an ERP software like QAD but knowing the signs can make all the difference. Below are some of the most common red flags we see in businesses in need of an ERP upgrade.


  1. Lack of mobile capabilities

Mobility is crucial in today's modern era of ERP. With cloud based software systems increasing popularity other dated ERP systems may not make the cut. Your ERP software shouldn't limit your productivity and with QAD it doesn't have to. QAD's Enterprise Applications system gives users access to mobile apps so users have access to all of the data that they need to make big decisions on the go. Take advantage of mobile functions and make quicker decisions with actionable data to nearly eliminate doubt.


  1.  Unstable system and slow performance

Instability is one of the more common pain points for companies that have outgrown their current ERP system. Dealing with a slow system that crashes or freezes is particularly frustrating for employees and compromises both productivity and the credibility of your data. If you find that your reports are running slowly, your system locks up or stops responding frequently then it may be time to make the switch to a more stable accounting system like QAD.


  1. Production delays

Order management is a process that flows through multiple departments. Without a fully integrated system that supports your businesses unique flow of production, there can be a huge disconnect that occurs. If your manufacturing industry is experiencing production schedule delays, inaccuracies, an inability to keep up with rush orders, and a loss of confidence from both customers and suppliers QAD can help. With an integration with the Internet of Things, QAD allows for real time visibility, production tracking, and error reduction in a simplified more automated system. QAD is customizable to fit your organization no matter what your needs to ensure that you stay on track.


QAD's innovative cloud ERP software was built with the manufacturer in mind. Don't let your dated ERP system hold back your potential for growth and contact one of our experienced partners at Logan Consulting to schedule a consultation.

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