Payroll Management in Acumatica

Posted on: December 5, 2022 | By: Jim Bertler | Acumatica

Acumatica offers a robust Payroll Management module for users of the cloud-based ERP solution. The application can help companies minimize staffing costs and ensure accuracy of accounting and reporting by streamlining the process and reducing requirements of manual data entry. 

Let’s look at the three main benefits of the Payroll Management module.

Simplify the Payroll Process

Because Acumatica is based in the cloud, users can easily set up, modify, and report payroll data from anywhere in the world by using a web browser. The module also comes equipped with robust reporting and inquiry capabilities that make it a straightforward process to access and analyze payroll data.

Streamline Taxes and Reporting

Acumatica allows users easy access to all updates regarding federal, SWH, FICA, and local taxes through its web tax service that is integrated with Payroll Management.

Moreover, the system helps companies remain in compliance with the constantly changing government regulations through the patented Aatrix eFiling process in Payroll Management. Users have the option to add on quarterly, ACA, and W-2 packages that help simplify the filing process.

Save Time and Resources

The Payroll Management module allows employees to do time entry by crew rather than individually to reduce possible errors, especially useful for construction or service companies.

There is also a tool that makes it possible to import time directly into Payroll Batches, reducing time spent on the process and improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

To read more about the Payroll Management module and its different products, check out Acumatica’s website.

Next Steps

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