Discrete Manufacturers Are Not to Small for ERP

Posted on: September 10, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica

Discrete manufacturing operations are often times complex; requiring time, effort and attention from multiple parties in order to properly execute each task efficiently. Engineers are required to keep track of purchasing, manufacturing and production needs, while accountants need to assign costs to these activities and summarize each activity into a format that is comprehensible to all.  At times, performing all of these tasks without necessary resources and help can be completely daunting.                                                             

Small and medium-sized enterprises, such as discrete manufacturers, often believe that their lack of necessary IT resources and/or their lack of infrastructure to install robust ERP solutions equates to their lack of need for ERP software. Although there is no doubt that implementing an ERP system can be time-consuming and difficult, the advent of cloud computing has made robust ERP solutions for discrete manufacturers easier than ever. Acumatica’s cloud based ERP system eliminates the need to build and maintain an IT infrastructure or support staff. A cloud-based ERP system can also automate everything necessary for discrete manufacturers to plan, create, sell and deliver products to customers. Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP system can also integrate engineering and accounting activities seamlessly, eliminating manual transactions and paperwork.                                                                                                    

Not only does Acumatica benefit discrete manufacturers by being based in the cloud, Acumatica’s ERP software also provides complete manufacturing automation through JAMS (JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software. JAMS allows your shop floor to completely integrate with sales, accounting, ordering and inventory. JAMS integrates entirely with Acumatica’s financial suite, distribution management suite, customer management suite and project accounting suite to provide a complete solution for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, batch, project centric, job shop and repetitive manufacturing companies.                                                                                                                       

Many times discrete manufacturing companies believe their operations are too small or do not carry the correct infrastructure to support the often times complex and time-consuming feat of implementing an ERP system. Yet, although small, discrete manufacturers carry many of the complexities that justify ERP implementation. Smaller discrete manufacturers looking to simplify their processes, and save money, should consider looking into Acumatica’s cloud ERP. For more information on Acumatica contact Logan Consulting, a Chicago based ERP partner. 

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