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Posted on: January 9, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics GP

For many in the manufacturing industry, streamlining business processes is a great way to save both time and money, however many are unsure how to go about this seemingly daunting and time consuming task. The manufacturing industry has a deep need for bills of material, routings, MRP inventory control, lot/serial tracking and scheduling all of which can be handled by Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Microsoft Dynamics products are perfect for many mid-market manufacturing companies looking to streamline their business process Here are some ERP Tools Manufacturing us:

Inventory Management in ERP manufacturing tools

One of the most straight forward ways to streamline your manufacturing business is through inventory management and operations capabilities that many modern day cloud ERP systems can deliver. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, manufacturers can monitor inventory stock levels and costs, set prices on a customer by customer basis and work to improve order fulfillment processes. Dynamics ERP allows users to manage multiple locations, vendors, and costing methods as well as delivering serial and lot tracking.  With this increased visibility, manufacturers can pinpoint exactly where it is that there may be room for improvement or costly inventory methods that may be raising expenses rather than lowering them. Visibility is crucial for any businesses success, especially for those in the manufacturing industry.

Purchase Order Generator

If your manufacturing company has continuous purchases that they make on a regular basis, why not simplify your buyer’s workload by automating some of your more regular purchasing activities through Microsoft Dynamics Purchase Order Generator. Generate a suggested purchase order with order points or min/max settings that determine the exact quantities that your business will need based off of historical purchasing, sales and inventory data. This will help cut down on unneeded inventory purchasing costs and streamlining your manufacturing business.

Materials Requirements Planning

Ensure proactive planning, smart procurement decisions and precise adjustments with Microsoft Dynamics Materials Requirements Planning capabilities for manufacturers. This ERP tool allows manufacturers to make precise production adjustments and view their material requirements and vendor information completely. Microsoft Dynamics MRP for manufacturers is excellent for mid-sized businesses that need flexibility to make adjustments when needed but also want access to powerful visibility and data analysis capabilities.

Of course these are just a few of the many ERP tools that Micorsoft Dynamics cloud ERP software like Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamcis GP offer manufacturers to streamline their business processes. Click here to view a full Dynamics GP factsheet highlighting the options that manufacturers have within this software or contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner to set up a consultation and discuss your ERP needs.

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