Switching to QAD? 4 Questions to ask Before any ERP Upgrade

Posted on: February 19, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Business Process

At one point or another, you are bound to be faced with the task of upgrading your ERP software to best compete in the changing market around you. The world of manufacturing moves quickly, and with QAD keeping up with the trends that matter most has never been easier. When it comes to any upgrade, it's important to streamline the search by focusing on the things that will make a difference. Below are some of our favorite thinking points that will make any ERP upgrade search run as smoothly as possible.


Does the ERP system work for your industry? Despite the fact that many ERP solutions cover very similar processes, there are some subtle yet very important differences in business processes from industry to industry. It Is crucial for your ERP software to be industry specific to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. QAD Is the only global, full-featured Cloud ERP solution built for manufacturing, and has all of the industry specific features that you need. ERP should adapt as your business evolves, and QAD offers real-time analytics for on-the-spot insight so you can make changes when and where you need them. Industry specific ERP is important so before you take the plunge, make sure your system can support your specific needs.


Does it run in the cloud? Cloud based ERP systems are becoming the new norm, and with forward thinking ERP systems like QAD, competing in a fast paced work environment has never been easier. To new users the cloud can be quite ambiguous, however if you are looking for security, simplicity, and flexibility the cloud is where you want your ERP to be. QAD cloud ERP lets you work freely without being tied down to one place or time. Whether you’re looking to move your on premise solution to the cloud, want to keep some sites on premise and some in the cloud, or are in the market for a new ERP platform, QAD's full-featured vertical focused cloud and on premise solutions work separately and together to let you make the most of your business.


What is the products upgrade cycle? ERP products shouldn’t change every day, or even every quarter. With that much upheaval, your manufacturing company will be in complete discord! That being said, you should however be seeing new features added at regular and reasonable intervals and your vendor should provide you with an easy to follow upgrade path so your business can move from generation to generation with ease.


What is the customer experience like? One of the most important factors in deciding on an ERP software, it's important to find an ERP vendor that puts their customers first. If your vendor makes doing business easy, the integration process as painless as possible. Change can be tough for anyone, but having clear pricing, easy standard terms, and a history of doing right by their customers can be the only difference between a great upgrade or  frustrating one. QAD has three customer awards under their belt, and an excellent history of great customer service, they offer options to best fit their customers' needs. Be wary of vendors that push solely one option because “they know best” and focus on finding a solution that can be customized to help you best succeed.


For more information on choosing the right ERP for your business, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based QAD partners for a consultation.

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